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Working with HighPoint Marketing is easy and straight-forward. Agreements and pricing arrangements are very flexible. Although we can work together in a variety of ways, HighPoint typically includes the following terms associated with its client projects: 

Professional Fees

In the interest of securing long-term client relationships, HighPoint Marketing charges very reasonable fees for its professional services.  Given our experience, we find hourly billing most beneficial for both parties.  Although we prefer this arrangement, we would be willing to discuss working on a retainer or project basis if that fits your situation best. 

Payment of the agreed amount is due on receipt of invoice. All work contracted with HighPoint Marketing is invoiced on a monthly basis.  At the beginning of each month, we'll invoice for all work completed during the previous month, regardless of whether the project is completed.  For example, if you're being billed by the hour for a Web project and the project spans three months, you will be billed monthly for the hours spent on your project until completion.  Conversely, if your project is completed in one day, you will be billed at the beginning of the following month.  Please note:  some project work may require an upfront payment for new clients.  In addition, out-of-pocket expenses may require pre-payment by the client.


It's common industry practice for consultants to retain rights to all work products completed on behalf of their clients.  However, HighPoint Marketing typically transfers the ownership rights of the final product to the client upon payment for the work, with the following exceptions:

  • All work completed by HighPoint Marketing can be used to promote our business (e.g. in our Web site, portfolio, advertising, etc.) unless the client requests another arrangement.

  • If stock photography and/or illustrations are used in client work, ownership rights to those images will be retained by HighPoint Marketing.  Although we usually don't re-use images, we reserve the right to do so.  You will not be charged extra for any stock artwork used in your project.

  • When developing projects such as ads, brochures, etc., HighPoint will prepare several drafts or "comps" for the client to review.  After the client selects the version that best meets their requirements, HighPoint Marketing will retain the rights to all drafts submitted and can use this work however it sees fit.  Client will not receive rights to use the drafts submitted unless prior arrangements have been made.

  • HighPoint has spent years developing a marketing resource center that includes valuable tools and worksheets.  These resources will be used in conjunction with your project and may be included in your final work product.  You may use those tools within your organization as they are submitted with the final product.  However, HighPoint Marketing retains ownership of all resource materials and reserves the right to market them to other clients.

Time for Performance

HighPoint Marketing agrees to complete the performance of project services on or before the deadlines established with the client.


During the course of discussions, and/or during the normal course of business between the parties, either party may disclose to the other certain information which it deems proprietary or confidential. Therefore, projects will be completed under a mutual non-disclosure agreement. 

When HighPoint Marketing begins work with a new client, we will create a mutually beneficial agreement with all terms clearly outlined. 

Contact us today at 623-465-5929 or highpointmktg to see how we can help implement successful marketing programs and tools for your company.

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