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The Full Spectrum of Marketing Projects

Whether developing a complete marketing program or managing one single project, it's important to understand the company’s overall direction and corporate strategy. All functional efforts within the company should be an extension of, and provide support for, this strategy. 

Therefore, the overall scope of any marketing program should focus on the company's goals.  The finalized corporate strategy serves as a foundation for every marketing project HighPoint completes.  During Planning & Strategy phases, HighPoint has significant experience in completing, implementing and evaluating:

Marketing Plans

Branding Strategies

Product Launches

Marketing Plans

HighPoint Marketing can prepare a variety of documents for both public and private companies.  We gather all pertinent business information and organize it into whatever end product is needed...a marketing plan, a Schedule D offering, M&A docs, etc.

HighPoint develops comprehensive marketing plans for any size or type of business.  The end product outlines a complete marketing program specific to the client's company. 

We conduct thorough and relevant research and use sound analysis and judgment.  We then organize our findings and write a concise and informational document that will prove useful for the appropriate audiences.

We don't pad our plans with non-essential and/or generic information. Instead, we include critical details specific to the business.  A typical plan might include the following segments:

  • Executive Summary

  • General Company Info/Mission

  • Products & Services

  • Situation Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Market Research/Trends & Forecasts

  • Target Market Profiles/Strategy

  • Branding Strategy & Tactics

  • Product Strategy & Tactics

  • Sales Strategy & Tactics

  • Distribution Strategy & Tactics

  • Pricing Strategy & Tactics

  • Marketing Communications Strategy & Tactics

  • Required Budget Based on Recommendations

  • Project Schedules/Milestones

  • Keys to Success

  • Marketing Organization

  • Evaluation Criteria

In general, HighPoint’s high-level methodology for completing a marketing plan includes:

  • Review of all available company materials and information.

  • Secondary market research through all available resources.

  • Primary company and market research through company personnel, customers, investors, partners, media/analysts and/or other appropriate audiences.

  • Analysis of all gathered information.

  • Development of strategies based on analyses.

The deliverable is concise, well organized and easy to follow without requiring a huge time investment to read.  It's not an academic thesis, but a useful business tool.  Our marketing plans provide a road map for the client to establish successful marketing programs.

Branding Strategies

Just like the term "Marketing," "Branding" can be equally misunderstood.  Often, people think "Marketing" refers to "Sales" or "Advertising."  Actually, the function of marketing is a much bigger term that includes functions like sales and advertising under its umbrella.

The same can be said for "Branding."  Some business people think branding refers to a company's "logo."  However, a logo is a very small part of a company's branding strategy.

Brands represent a valuable company asset and must be actively managed.  Successful brands include these characteristics:

  • They are centered on the customer, not the company.

  • They drive the positioning and messaging – the heart of a company’s brand.

  • They incorporate customer needs and motivations.

  • They reflect the company’s competencies and capabilities.

  • They differentiate the company from the competition.

  • They must be maintained consistently.

  • They are built over time.

HighPoint uses a unique methodology for developing branding strategies.  We deliver:

  • A Positioning Platform with 25-, 50- and 100-word positioning statements.

  • A Messaging Matrix that identifies each client target and the specific “tweaks” to the positioning statement that address unique requirements.

  • The brand promise is the single most important thing that the company promises to deliver to its customers every time. The promise considers what customers and partners should expect from every interaction.

  • Brand traits illustrate how a company wants its brand to be known. These are the talking points that should permeate throughout the organization.

  • The brand story describes the company’s history and how it adds value and credibility. It also includes a summary of products and services.

  • Brand associations include the specific physical components that make up the brand: name, logo, taglines, colors, fonts and images.

  • The final stage, or brand plan, outlines strategies and tactics for things like perceived quality, brand loyalty, brand awareness and brand associations.

Product Launches

Launching a product or service, whether an extension to an established offering or a completely new concept, creates a daunting task for your company.  Fortunately, HighPoint marketing has launched literally dozens of new products...most of which have been extremely technical in ultra-competitive markets.  We have a fine-tuned methodology that we constantly review for improvements.

A product launch basically covers the same topics as your marketing plan.  It represents a complex exercise that requires significant strategic and tactical input, as well as expert execution to ensure success.  Launches are costly, so you can't afford to shoot from the hip!

A good product launch plan begins with a cross-functional team including engineering, product management, sales, customer service, technical support, operations, etc.  Marketing should spear-head the effort and secure executive buy-in.

We have proven tools, spreadsheets, documents, etc. that we've designed to streamline the process.  HighPoint Marketing typically covers the following areas when developing a product launch plan. 

  • Objectives & Contingencies

  • Market, Competitive Research

  • Product Specifics (beta release, production release, any known issues, migration path, evolution, life cycle issues, etc.)

  • Distribution (partners, programs, channel conflicts, etc.)

  • Pricing (margin analyses, configurators, lists, etc.)

  • Training & Technical Docs

  • Branding (naming, positioning, messaging, packaging, etc.)

  • Promotion (internal communication, PR, advertising, trade shows, Web, etc.)

  • Sales Support (collateral, tools, demos, lead generation, lead management, RFP templates, etc.)

  • Operations (inventory issues & availability, BOMs, part numbering, etc.)

  • Ongoing Evaluation and Measurement

Our project launch plans include estimated and actual expenses per line item, schedules, assigned responsibility, and other necessary info.  Again, the discussion here constitutes an overview of our approach.  Detailed project proposals can be supplied when requested.

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