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The Full Spectrum of Marketing Projects

Every project we complete includes a research component.  To produce the best product, we must know what's happening in your market and with your competitors.  We review all relevant materials and resources to determine how best to position your project.

However, should you need detailed information regarding aspects of your operating environment, we can prepare reports to aid your decision-making.  HighPoint Marketing conducts secondary research to complete market and/or competitive reports.  If needed, we may also perform primary research with required audiences, such as customer groups.

Often clients want us to prepare reports that include the one or more of the following:

  • Market Forecasts

  • Market Trends

  • Market Opportunities & Threats

  • Product Revenues & Margins

  • Vertical Market Data

  • Competitive Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Competitive Positioning

  • Competitive Market Shares

  • Competitive Product Comparisons

  • Customer Perceptions & Feedback

The research reports we prepare can be involved or simple.  They can include text documents, spreadsheets, databases, etc.  When completing research projects, HighPoint Marketing uses the following resources:

  • Independent Research Firms that produce objective market reports.  HPM has access to these services to use on our clients' behalf.
  • Industry Associations/Organizations
  • Trade Publications and Media Sources

  • Competitive Web Sites

  • Governmental Resource Sites

  • Plus other resources at our disposal.


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