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The Full Spectrum of Marketing Projects

HighPoint Marketing helps companies improve sales opportunities...period!  Whether we help you communicate to prospects through effective sales tools, or create leads through innovative sales programs, our goal is to generate revenue-producing business.

Much of our ongoing client work involves creating sales tools.  Content development truly is king in the Marketing field and it represents the cornerstone of any marketing project.  Without substantive content, no marketing effort can be effective.  Think about the Web.  Those sites that provide useful content enjoy high traffic.  Those that don't, fade away.

Equally important to HighPoint's strategic marketing expertise is its ability to develop meaningful content.  In fact, we excel at producing content for all kinds of sales tools. 

With content developed for basic sales tools, a company can then move to developing sales programs.  It now has communication vehicles for prospects.  Some of the tools and programs HighPoint Marketing has created to support a company's sales efforts include the following:


Lead Generation & Management
Channel Programs
Promotions & Incentives


Collateral materials come in many forms, the most basic of which include company and product brochures.  Prospects expect these materials at a minimum.  The challenge, however, is getting them read.

HighPoint creates content from the end users' perspective.  What is it your target audience most wants to know about your company and its products?  What problems will your company's solutions solve for them?  Will it make good business sense to select your company, and how can they measure the effectiveness of the selection?

Along with crucial information to help facilitate the sales process, collateral materials must be easy and quick to read.  With the "reading factor" already a challenge, HighPoint creates materials that involve the least amount of time to get the main benefit messages.  And, our work projects visual appeal to draw the prospect's attention.

Depending on the audience, collateral material can be as detailed or basic as necessary.  However, if you're selling a technical product, you may want to keep the technical details for your technical documents, or the materials you present to a prospect who's pretty far along in the sales cycle.

Finally, we can prepare our collateral work for both print and electronic use.  More and more, clients are choosing to forego expensive print production and create libraries of PDFs that can be downloaded or e-mailed.

Here's a sampling of collateral work we've done for our clients:

  • Corporate Brochures

  • Product Brochures

  • Data Sheets

  • Case Studies & Success Stories

  • White Papers

  • Customer Profiles with Testimonials

  • Presentation Folders

  • Annual Reports

  • Prospect & Customer Letters

  • Newsletters


PowerPoint presentations have become a standard for today's business meetings.  Virtually all business people know how to create basic presentations.  However, few professionals have really tapped into the vast potential of PowerPoint to deliver innovative sales tools.

Although we have done high-end multi-media presentations in the past, we find our current client niche wants a less expensive, quicker solution...without sacrificing impact.

So, HighPoint uses its advanced PowerPoint and Flash animation skills, along with add-on tools, to create presentations that pack a punch.  We do company, product, financial, and other types of presentations...all at a fraction of the cost and without sacrificing quality content or visual impact.  In fact, many clients put their entire marketing material library in an interactive presentation format.

Depending on your end use and budget, we can integrate the following components into any presentation.

  • Easy-to-read and Present Content

  • High-Impact Graphics that Complement the Content

  • Interactive, Menu-Driven Designs with Links to Files, Presentations, Web Sites, etc.

  • Product Demos

  • Animations to Clarify Concepts and/or Enhance the Presentation

  • Custom Templates

  • Looping Presentations for Trade Show Booths or Kiosks

  • Virtual Tours


HighPoint Marketing has completed several proposals for its clients...from technology to construction.  We're familiar with how to respond to an RFP and how to present information for the best chances of getting short-listed.  We've done simple proposals to complex responses incorporating pricing and configuration spreadsheets. 

We can work with you and complete portions of your proposal at your direction, or we can take the lead and prepare a completed draft for your review.  We're expert content developers with advanced marketing skills.  And, we've got a track record to back it up.  On past proposals we've played a major role in completing, we've been shortlisted over 90% of the time!

Lead Generation & Management

Our goal is to help you generate qualified leads by supporting your sales effort.  In addition to creating all the strategies, materials, tools, and programs for you, we also can help you implement them.  We provide the marketing and sales support that actually result in generating leads.

For many clients, we manage the entire lead process.  We help generate leads, qualify them, maintain databases, and we track each lead through the sales cycle.  Our lead management program is tailored to each client's requirements and our analysis can be basic or more sophisticated.  In addition, we use the tools the client is most comfortable with, be it ACT, Microsoft Access, Salesforce.com, Microsoft Excel, or whatever fits the client's program best.

Channel Programs

HighPoint Marketing has worked with complex distribution networks topping 300 dealers...in both domestic and international locations.  We've also worked with smaller channels of technical partners and customers.  Regardless the size or complexity of the channel, we work with you to reduce potential channel conflict through tailored programs.  Some of the things we've done in the past include:

  • Periodic Channel Meetings

  • Channel Training Programs

  • Channel Member Handbooks/Kits

  • Co-Op Advertising Programs

  • Regular Communication Vehicles

  • Regular Incentives

  • Pricing Promotions

  • Demo Assistance

  • Specialized Marketing Materials

  • Sponsorships

  • Localized Seminars

  • Joint Trade Show Participations

 Promotions & Incentives

Promotion can mean many things and can encompass a majority of marketing functions.  For our purposes, however, we refer to promotion as special "deals" offered to customers, prospects and channel members to generate new business.  These promotions can be special pricing, terms, services, free stuff, or a host of other add-on incentives to close the deal.

HighPoint Marketing can provide a variety of promotion ideas, develop your promotion communications, distribute them and/or track the performance.  Give us a call to see how we can help increase your business.

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